Blessed Pope Francis Canonizes Two Fatima Children~

Today in Fatima Portugal, on the 100th anniversary of the Fatima Shepherd Children’s visitation from the Blessed Mother Mary, Pope Francis canonized Francisco and Jacinta Marto.  Francisco and Jacinta who were ages 9 and 7 at the time of Mary’s appearance , are the youngest, who were not martyred, the Catholic Church has canonized.

For those unfamiliar with the story of Fatima, beginning in spring of 1917 in Fatima Portugal, 3 shepherd children- Francisco and Jacinta Marto along with their 10 year old cousin Lucia Santos- were visited by an angel.  The Angel of Peace taught them prayers.

Then in May of the same spring, visits from Mother Mary started.  She appeared to the children as an apparition and they names her Lady of Fatima.  The Lady appeared to the children 6 times between early May and early October of 1917.

She prophesied to the children that prayer would end the Great War – World War I – and that in the coming months, the lady would reveal her identity and God would perform a miracle, so all would believe.

The children had been given the date of October 13, 1917 for the great miracle.  Over 70,000 gathered on that day to witness. The miracle was shown through an increasing and diminishing sun.  Those in attendance testified that they could look directly into the sun without any hurt or harm to their eyes.  Mesmerized, they stated the sun literally danced in the sky.

The miraculous event has been coined as “The Miracle of the Sun”.

To this day millions make the pilgrimage yearly to Cova de Iria Fatima- now named Cove of Peace- where it is widely accepted the Virgin Mary appeared to the children.  It is one of the most important Catholic shines in the world.


Everyday Prayers to Saint Jude ~ Prayer for Hope

My beloved Saint Jude~

Your hope transforms every aspect of my life; anxiety and fear are diminished in the light of hope; doubt becomes confidence with the grace of hope.  Thank you for calling me to your devotion; to your powerful patron, Saint Jude.  Your protection gives me hope above all and leads me to rely faithfully on your infinite goodness. Amen.

Say: One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

This prayer and any prayer to Saint Jude or any saint can be turned into a novena.  All one must do is either say prayer 9 times in  a day – or once a day for 9 days – or, like a traditional novena – 9 times a day for 9 days.


Everyday Prayers to Saint Jude ~ Prayer for Awareness

My beloved Saint Jude~

Your light is within my soul and your grace is a gift and teaches me.  In the dawn and dusk each day, in all the big and small moments of my life, I pray I will recognize the unconditional love that is the gift of your grace.  And be aware of all the good that is on this planet. It’s a gift of life and a gift of the world. As you pray for my as I pray to you, my spirit is strengthened.  You loan me your strength, you loan me your sight as you give me your love. I am aware. Amen. 

Say: One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

This prayer and any prayer to Saint Jude or any saint can be turned into a novena.  All one must do is either say prayer 9 times in  a day – or once a day for 9 days – or, like a traditional novena – 9 times a day for 9 days.


Everyday Prayers to Saint Jude~ Prayer For Courage

 My beloved Saint Jude~

In this time of trouble I turn to you first, and immediately, for courage. Bless my mind to think clearly.  Bless my heart to know your hope.  Bless my face and my words to bring calm to myself.  Bless my soul to trust that I am capable of facing this, and every challenge of my life, with the power of faith and courage. Amen

Say: One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

This prayer and any prayer to Saint Jude or any saint can be turned into a novena.  All one must do is either say prayer 9 times in  a day – or once a day for 9 days – or, like a traditional novena – 9 times a day for 9 days.


Saint Andrew Christmas Novena


Saint Andrew was the very first apostle called by Jesus Christ.  He is the patron saint of maidens, lace-makers & fisherman.  He is, however, also the patron saint of numerous countries such as Greece, Russia, Romania, and Scotland.

His feast day is November 30th which coincides with the beginning of Advent.

This Christmas Novena is a two fold novena.  It’s a meditative one in which we anticipate the birth of Jesus as well as an opportunity to ask Saint Andrew to intervene and petition our Lord for help in our lives as well as strengthening ourselves spiritually for the coming year. 

The following is said 15 times a day until Christmas day.  It do not have to be prayed in all one sitting.  They may be broken up into increments throughout the day if you prefer such as 5 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon and 5 at night. 

I always like to light a novena candle. It calms and focuses me which allows a strong spiritual connection to the saint I am praying to. As always, if you do burn a candle, take all necessary precautions you would with any burning candle.


Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold. In that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, O my God, to hear my prayer and grant my petition, 
[here mention your request]

through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His blessed Mother. Amen.

Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be.

Repeat for a total of 15 recitations.

Blessings, XOXO

Novena to Saint Therese of Lisieux Little Flower



Said 9 times in a row, for 9 days:

Dearest Saint Therese of Lisieux, you said that you would spend your time in heaven doing good on earth.

Your trust in God was complete. Pray that He may increase my trust in His goodness and mercy as I ask for the following petitions…

(State your intentions)

Pray for me that I, like you, may have great and innocent confidence in the loving promises of our God. Pray that I may live my life in union with God’s plan for me, and one day see the Face of God whom you loved so deeply.

Saint Therese, you were faithful to God even unto the moment of your death. Pray for me that I may be faithful to our loving God. May my life bring peace and love to the world through faithful endurance in love for God our savior.

Say 1 Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be


Universal Novena To Saint Joseph

st joseph and baby Jesus 4

 Saint Joseph was Jesus’ earthly adoptive father (some refer to him as  foster father) and earthly husband of the Virgin Mother Mary – Jesus’ mum.  In the Catholic tradition, Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of:

Fathers, Workers, Craftspeople, Carpenters, Employment, Families, Real Estate, of the Dying, Confectioners, Engineers and the Catholic Church.

Saint Joseph’s has two distinctive Feast Days: March 19th for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker.

As for all novenas there are numerous ways to say them. I personally feel you should find the way that suits you best, perhaps from trial and error.  In other words say them how YOU feel the best connection to spirit.  Whatever works for YOU and the Saint that you are communing with.  I’ve never believed that there is only one way to say them.  When you know what feels right, you will know 🙂

 I, myself, usually say 9 day novenas wherein I say the novena 9 times in a row, with a “Our Father”, “Hail Mary” and a “Glory Be” after each singular recitation, for 9 recitations in one sitting.  Example – novena, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be would count as 1 recitation, with 8 more to go for 9 recitations in one sitting.  

Some people say the novena (singular recitation) once a day for 9 days.

Some people say the novena once an hour, at the top of the hour, for 9 hours in a row.

The Saint Joseph Novena

O Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.
O Saint Joseph, assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord; so that having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.
O Saint Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. Amen
O Saint Joseph, hear my prayers and obtain my petitions. O Saint Joseph, pray for me. (Mention your intention)